Dollar Tree Store Support Center Renovations

Clancy & Theys Construction Company provided construction management services for the complete renovation of the existing 190,000 sq ft Store Support Center that was previously built by our team in three phases over a 20 year period. This project was delivered through a hybrid team-build approach and began immediately after the completion of their new office tower.

This project consisted of a complete demolition of the interior from floors, walls, and ceilings. All existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire sprinkler systems were replaced. New offices and multiple conference areas were designed with new finishes and full height glass to maximize views and access to natural daylight. Energy-efficient plumbing fixtures and LED lighting are incorporated throughout the renovated area. Existing furniture and finishes were reconfigured and refinished to create a seamless experience between the new and renovated areas.

During the six-month construction project, all critical utilities and operations to Dollar Tree’s Data Center needed to be maintained and could not be interrupted at any time. The new tower was also fully operational during these renovations. Because of these elements, all construction activities were carefully coordinated and all deliveries were scheduled in advance.

The entire team worked closely to review all new mechanical equipment for early release prior to the project starting as it was imperative that the new equipment was compatible with the existing rooftop equipment.

Additionally, temporary exits and walk paths were constructed and maintained throughout the project to provide employees with safe access to and from the building.