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Model Based Quantification

We use advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to optimize our preconstruction and construction processes. Leading this charge is our highly skilled Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) team, who bring tremendous value to the project during both the design and construction phases. Their work is a critical conduit between vision and execution and is essential to our quality control and quality assurance.

Model Based Quantification

Architecture, Engineering, Design

Our VDC team are design professionals, with backgrounds in architecture and engineering. Their ability to partner with designers to develop coordination drawings and models facilitates solutions for system integration and solves issues long before they become problems on site.

Model Based Quantification is used to leverage the information and visualization capabilities of a 3D model in our preconstruction workflows.

Model Based Quantification

Increased Speed & Efficiency

Model-based takeoffs increase our speed by 40% and greatly enhance the efficiency of the preconstruction process. We also run “change reports,” a function that tracks all the changes in the main model from one phase to another within seconds, which then enables us to deliver faster. We use models in early phases to perform constructability reviews for our clients.