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Site Management & Construction Supervision

At Clancy & Theys, we serve as the general contractor, construction manager, or design-builder on all our projects. We provide comprehensive construction services that are tailored to the complexity of the projects we undertake. Not only are we highly skilled managers, but we are also builders who understand construction from the ground up. For every project we take on, we make sure that the jobsite is staffed with experienced professionals who will ensure the project runs smoothly.

Site management collaboration

Skilled Superintendents

Clancy & Theys staffs our projects with skilled superintendents who are dedicated to your site 100% of the time. Our superintendents are trained in the field and understand what it takes to supervise the day-to-day requirements of a construction project. Superintendents work directly with the trade contractors overseeing scheduling, quality control, and adherence to plans and specifications. A clean construction site is a safe site, and our superintendents maintain an organized operation to ensure the safety of everyone involved and to serve as a good neighbor to the community surrounding the project.

Site management

Project Managers

Highly trained project managers work hand in hand with the superintendent(s) assigned to every project. They provide the necessary support and oversight for project administration and cost management while ensuring our team has the latest project information accessible to all stakeholders and providing updates through the use of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Build.

Clancy & Theys employees shaking hands

Project Executives

Every Clancy & Theys project will have executive oversight to provide company support and the resources necessary to carry out every aspect of the project. The project executive is responsible for ensuring an appropriate level of staffing and for continuously monitoring the continued progress of the project to make sure the established goals are met and our clients have an exceptional experience.

Inspecting site plans

Target-Value Design and Lean Construction

We followed a target value delivery (TVD) method for the entire iteration of each construction project. This allows us to integrate design and construction planning into one collaborative process, which ensures each project is designed to fit the needs and budget of our client. We also follow LEAN construction principles, which means that we focus on the process and flow of the project instead of the end result. By doing it this way, we’re better able to manage owner resources and collaborate as one cohesive unit.