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Constructability Review Methods

During the preconstruction phase that’s leading up to bidding, Clancy & Theys serves as a document reviewer and advisor for constructability review and value analysis. This review serves multiple purposes: determining how easily the job can be built without unnecessary costs or premiums, ensuring the bidding documents are complete and coordinated, and evaluating whether drawings are detailed and systems efficient.

Constructability Reviews

Reviews Performed to Save Time & Money While Preventing Conflicts

We perform these reviews before bidding and construction begin to ensure appropriate cost and time savings. Considerations such as site logistics, access, staging, materials, and systems are all considered in the preconstruction process.

Another key part of this review is an interdisciplinary review of progressive sets of documents to identify any potential conflicts or ambiguity in the plans prior to completion. This way, we eliminate any potential issues before we get to the field. This also includes conflicts between the plans and the specifications.

The outcome of the project will be defined in large part by appropriately detailed plans and specifications and effective communication about the documents among all parties.

Constructability Reviews

A Dedicated In-House Staff with Specialized Skills

While the technology component is important, it is imperative to have specialized skills to manage subcontractor coordination. Clancy & Theys provides BIM differently than many other construction managers. We deliver all of our BIM services with our dedicated in-house team. Our ex­perienced BIM team will manage the process so that the complex mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire pro­tection requirements for your project are well integrated within the design and construction of the project.

Additionally, we compile reports on our constructability findings and generate and log all constructability questions or concerns as Requests for Information (RFIs) to the design team.