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Quality Control

Top-quality craftsmanship begins with a commitment to meet or exceed the industry’s highest standards. This commitment is part of our corporate culture. It’s a tradition that quality craftsmanship is passed down from generation to generation. That’s how we’ve developed our culture as a company, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our talented and tenured team of project managers and superintendents.

Quality Control

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Clancy & Theys uses Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Build to promote efficient operations and communication on our jobsites. By using this software on tablets, we equip our field team with the most advanced tools for communication between the office, the design team, and the point of construction. This tool helps us guarantee a superior level of quality on every project.

Virtual Design Construction Helps Us By:

Project Documents
Giving construction personnel immediate access to the most current project documents: construction drawings, shop drawings, field orders, etc.
Create Efficiency
Creating efficiency, allowing our staff to work faster with the information on hand instead of having to search for information.
Communicate with members
Communicating with every member of the team instantly & comprehensively.
Virtual Design Construction Tracking
Tracking & documenting the project’s work list, quality assurance and quality control, non-compliance & safety as they are detected at the point of construction.
Project Management
Alerting the project management team immediately of any discrepancies, allowing them to quickly address and rectify any issues & keeping all aspects of the project flowing smoothly.
Clancy & Theys employees looking at blueprints

Ensuring High-Quality Craftsmanship

Clancy & Theys believes that quality results from:

  • A combination of systematic controls over the design and construction process.
  • The quality of relationships among the owner, design team, and trade partners.
  • A corporate culture that fosters high quality standards.
  • Selection of appropriately qualified trade partners with a commitment to quality.
  • Workmanship controls, including rigorous inspection practices.

The workmanship outcome of the project will be defined in large part by:

Detailed plans
Detailed plans and specifications.
Building Systems
Building systems that meet program and performance objectives.
Systems for estimating and controlling costs and managing information.
Effective communication among all parties.
Construction managers looking at a tablet

Regular, Comprehensive Reviews

We will use regular reviews by the project manager and the superintendent and daily inspections by the superintendent and lead workers to assure that the work installed meets the standards of the owner, designer, and Clancy & Theys.