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Wells Fargo Center


The Wells Fargo Center, located in the 4.6 acre block bounded by Monticello Avenue, Freemason Street, Charlotte Street, and Bank Street, is a 1,300,000 sq ft mixed-use project. The 22-story high-rise office tower incorporates 258,000 sq ft of Class A office space over 11 floors with two large balconies on the 17th floor. Work for the office space included the installation of curtain wall with unitized glazed openings in the precast fa├žade. The courtyard above the retail area included fire pits, pools, and a robust waterproof paver system.

The project also included 178 luxury apartments that total 192,000 sq ft, including a 7,000 sq ft penthouse, and 39,000 sq ft of double-height retail under a portion of the luxury apartments. Additionally, there is a separate eight-level, 522,988 sq ft central parking garage containing 480 spaces.

This project received LEED Gold for the 22-story high-rise office tower portion of the project, and has also received numerous other awards, including: the 2010 HRACRE Best Interior, Award of Merit for the Wilcox & Savage buildout, the 2010 HRACRE Best Interior, Award of Merit for the Wells Fargo buildout, the 2010 HRACRE Best Office Building, Award of Excellence for the entire Wells Fargo Center.

Project Details
Client: S.L. Nusbaum
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Architect: Davis Carter Scott
Size: 1,300,000 sq ft
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The Wells Fargo Center site is in downtown Norfolk and as such the footprint of the buildings extended out to the property lines and C&T did a wonderful job managing this difficult logistical arrangement.
Kevin Riley | Director of Design and Construction | S.L. Nusbaum