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Flora Ridge Elementary School


Clancy & Theys Construction Company was selected to provide Construction Management at Risk Services to Flora Ridge Elementary School construction.

Flora Ridge Elementary School is a two-story, SchenkelShultz Architecture designed prototype school on a greenfield site. It is an approximately 122,000 square foot facility that houses student stations, classrooms, a media center, dining area, kitchen and a stage.

The building was constructed of tilt panels with many architectural reveals and details. This facility was a modified version of SchenkelShultz’s previous prototype and was constructed at about the same time as Lake County’ Schools’ Sawgrass Bay Elementary School (another Clancy & Theys project). Just as Sawgrass Bay Elementary was designed for future addition, Flora Ridge Elementary was constructed with just those same plans.

Project Details
Location: Kissimmee Florida
Architect: SchenkelShultz
Size: 122,000 Sq FT
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Clancy & Theys has been a pleasure to work with in building the Flora Ridge Elementary School. They are very committed to quality, cost savings, schedules and teamwork.
Charlie O’Sullivan, Chairman, Flora Ridge Educational Facilities Benefit District