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Christ Church


Clancy & Theys Construction Company provided construction management for Christ Episcopal Church in Raleigh. Christ Episcopal Church in Raleigh is a Raleigh Historic Landmark and a National Historic Landmark, is the oldest example of the early Gothic Revival style in the South. It was designed by Richard Upjohn, founder of the American Institute of Architects, in 1848. The sanctuary was consecrated in 1854 and the bell tower was completed in 1861.

Clancy & Theys has partnered with Christ Church over the years on several renovation and expansion projects. Our most recent project, completed in 2016, was a 5,000 sq ft expansion and 3,000 sq ft renovation to create new gathering spaces, expand the parish hall, and relocate, expand, and update the kitchen. Special care was taken to match the new granite façade to the historic one with an emphasis placed on the color and pattern of the new stones. A TPO and slate roof was installed to match the original structure. The interior finishes included extensive mill work and over 3,000 sq ft of wood ceilings.

After selective demolition Clancy & Theys realized that the current structure was not adequate to support the weight of the addition. We installed extra steel supports and added piers in the basement of the original structure to support the additional steel. Also during selective demolition, we discovered interior granite walls that had been plastered over. Instead of replacing these walls, as originally intended, we restored them adding to the historic character of the church.

Clancy & Theys also completed the Baker Wing renovation for Christ Church. This three-story classroom building was completely gutted, including abatement, before being fully renovated. We also completed a complex renovation to the historic sanctuary involving extensive excavation inside and underneath it. The excavation permitted existing floors to be leveled, and created a crawlspace to accommodate HVAC duct—some of it 8 feet in diameter—and new HVAC equipment. The project also involved restoring the original floors and pews, as well as adding new electrical, fire protection, trim-plaster, and paint work.

Project Details
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Size: 8,000 Sq Ft
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