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WCPSS Felton Grove High School (H-12)

Description: Felton Grove High School (H-12) is new construction of a 400,000 sf high school building, 4-level precast parking deck. 8,400 sf athletic buildings and athletic fields/facilities.  Offsite improvements include widening and signalization on three roads.

Release 3
Release 3 Bid Packages: 0210-Building Cleaning, 0330-Polished Concrete, 0400-Masonry, 0710-Waterproofing/Sealants, 0740-Metal Panels, 0780-Fireproofing, 0810-Doors/Frames/Hardware, 0830-Overhead Doors, 0840-Aluminum/Glass, 0920-Drywall, 0930-Hard Tile, 0940-Terrazzo (alternate), 0950-Acoustical Tile, 0960-Resilient and Carpet, 0970-Wood Flooring, 0990-Painting, 1000-Specialties, 1010-Markerboards/Visual Displays, 1020-Signage, 1050-Lockers, 1070-Prefabricated Canopies, 1140-Food Service Equipment, 1160-Theater and Stage Equipment, 1170-Athletic Equipment, 1220-Window Treatment, 1230-Educational Equipment, 1240-Science Casework, 1260-Auditorium Seating, 1270-Telescoping Bleachers, 1280-Media Center Furnishings, 1330-Grandstands and Bleachers, 3210-Asphalt Paving, 3240-Fencing, 3270-Site Concrete, 3290-Landscaping

Release 2
Release 2 Bid Packages:  0300-Turnkey Concrete (combo 0302 & 0305), 0302-Concrete Buildings, 0305-Poured in Place Fdns- Parking Deck, 0500-Sturctural/Misc Steel, 0750-Roofing, 1410-Elevator, 2100-Fire Protection, 2200-Plumbing, 2300-HVAC, 2310-HVAC Controls, 2600-Electrical, 3160-Special Foundations (combo 3163 & 3166), 3163-Auger Cast Grout Piles, 3166-Ram Aggregate Piers.

Release 1A

Release 1

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