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The Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral


Clancy & Theys Construction Company has provided construction management on the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Cathedral. The 44,000 sq ft cruciform-shaped cathedral is positioned so that the altar is at the east and the narthex at the west.  The transepts spanning north to south create a cross.  A copper dome highlights the center or the heart of the building where underneath the Altar of Sacrifice will be placed and stands above the tree line as a landmark in the community.  Seating capacity is 2,000 with 500 in each transept and 1,000 in the nave.  The Diocese has acquired 80-year-old Stations of the Cross and forty historic stained glass windows which will be carefully installed by the construction team.

Project Details
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Architect: O'Brien & Keane
Size: 44,000 sq.ft.
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"…it will be here generation after generation."
Harry McKinney on the dome construction materials