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Regent University College of Communication and the Arts


Regent University’s College of Communication and the Arts building is a 156,500 SF space, which includes a television studio, 750-seat theatre, and a “back-lot” for filming background scenes. The Georgian style building is finished with approximately $6 million worth of digital cameras, non-linear editing systems, lighting packages, and classrooms outfitted with editing and screening equipment. In addition, the building incorporates two film-screening rooms, a film sound stage, 13 editing and audio productions suites, camera acting studio, a computer animation room, a spiral lift orchestra pit, an experimental black box theatre, dressing rooms and a make-up room.

Project Details
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Architect: RRMM Architects
Size: 156,500 SF
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From the early stages of pre-construction to ribbon cutting, the Clancy & Theys team was instrumental in helping us navigate through the endless list of challenges, which they viewed as opportunities to excel. The result was a superbly constructed building which stands as a centerpiece to our campus today. A building constructed on schedule, of high quality, and within budget. Simply put—we could not have done it without them.
Richard Jemiola | Director of Facilities and Engineering | Regent University