Clancy & Theys integrates our construction operations teams into the preconstruction planning. Our Project Man­agers and Superintendents will comb through the plans and provide constructability reviews. These steps help to provide a set of drawings that are adequately detailed and reviewed reducing the amount of change orders in the field.

All estimating and accounting shall be “open book.” We understand our fiduciary responsibility to our clients and will strive to protect your interests by finding every opportunity to contain costs, design for cost containment, and ensure complete scopes of work by sub trades.

Our preconstruction directives involve an emphasis on:

  • Cost modeling
  • Scheduling, both a preconstruction schedule and project schedule
  • Value analysis and cost containment
  • MEP-focused review and analysis
  • Constructability and systems coordination reviews
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM): 3-D analysis of the project
  • Site logistics planning
  • Safety planning

Clancy & Theys manages projects efficiently and effectively. Highlights of our strengths include:

  • Careful and thorough prequalification of subcontractors.
  • Excellent track record of final cost versus GMP cost
  • Developed highly detailed scope packages and bid manuals for every subcontractor package.
  • Quality management
  • Schedule maintenance and adherence

Value Analysis:

Clancy & Theys will lead the project’s cost modeling and assessment. We also help the owner develop a comprehensive budget including hard costs, off-site costs, and soft costs so that nothing is left out.

Our goal in this arena is to provide a value proposition in a format that allows the owner and the designer to make decisions that best meet the project’s objectives.

Value analysis is a collaborative effort of the entire project team including the Owner, Construction Manager, Architect, and prospective trade contractors. As your construction manager, our responsibility is to distill concerns down into measurable quantities and logical decision packages which can be readily assessed and selected or rejected. So we’ll develop cost menus and decision making matrices leading to a set of choices that respect the design intent, focus on MEP systems and other owner interests such as sustainability, but also address those inflexible reality principles of time and money.

Once the VE/VA list is established, the items are rated to determine viability and appropriateness related to the owner’s requirements. After agreement, pricing is determined on viable items with historical data and subcontractor/supplier input. The team must review the information, with the designer and its consultants taking the lead in assessing the aesthetic impact and engineered viability of each decision. Successful value analysis exercises yield a menu of choices and costs, a shopping list, so to speak. A variety of options can then be chosen to provide an appropriate combination of cost savings, performance, and preservation of design integrity.

Constructability Methods

Leading up to bidding, Clancy & Theys also plays the part of document reviewer and advisor for constructability review and value analysis.

Constructability reviews serve multiple purposes:

  • Buildable: How easily the job can actually be built without incurring unnecessary cost or schedule premiums?
  • Biddable: Are the documents complete and coordinated?
  • Practical: Are the drawings detailed and systems efficient?

The first review is aimed at cost savings and time savings by ensuring that considerations such as site logistics, access, staging, materials and systems are considered in the design.

Another review is accomplished by interdisciplinary reviews of progress sets of documents in an attempt to identify conflicts or ambiguity on the plans prior to design completion, and before they become issues in the field. This also includes conflicts between the plans and specifications.

We believe that the workmanship outcome of the project will be defined in large part by appropriately detailed plans and specifications, and effective communication about the documents among all parties.

Our preconstruction efforts are geared toward developing a carefully crafted and well-coordinated set of construction documents. That’s why we put so much care and attention into constructability reviews by the construction team and coordination efforts including the use of 3-D Building Infor­mation Modeling (BIM). We utilize BIM during all phases of the work, collaborating with the design team to opti­mize the construction documents during preconstruction and coordinating means and methods during construction.

We have learned that while it is important to get the tech­nology right, it is imperative to have specialized skills to manage subcontractor coordination in a 3D environment. Clancy & Theys provides BIM distinctly differently than many other construction managers. Rather than leaving this important job in the hands of our sub-contractors or a third-party BIM service provider, we deliver all of our BIM services with our dedicated in-house staff. Our ex­perienced BIM staff will manage the BIM process so that the complex mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire pro­tection requirements for your project are well integrated within the design and construction of the project.

We will compile reports on our constructability findings and will generate and log all constructability questions or concerns as RFIs to the design team.