As a General Contractor, Construction Manager, and Design-Builder, Clancy & Theys provides comprehensive construction services that are tailored to the type and complexity of projects we undertake. The trend in the industry is has turned away from true builders, to managers. Although tremendous management skills are needed and utilized on all projects, skilled builders who understand construction from the ground up are a must in order to provide our clients with the best construction experience possible.

Clancy & Theys will staff your projects with skilled Superintendents who are dedicated to your site 100%. Our Superintendents are trained in the field and understand what it takes to supervise the day-to-day requirements of a construction project. They will work directly with the subcontractors overseeing scheduling, quality control, and adherence to plans and specifications. A safe construction site is a clean site and our superintendents will maintain an organized operation to assure the safety of everyone involved and also to be a good neighbor to the community surrounding the project.

Highly trained Project Managers will be working hand-in-hand with the Superintendent(s) assigned to your project. They will proved the necessary support and oversight using Viewpoint for project administration and cost management. They will assure our team has the latest project information accessible to all stakeholders and provide updates through the use of BIM 360 Field Management.

Every Clancy & Theys project includes a Project Executive with significant construction background and experience to provide overall company support and the resources necessary to carry-out every aspect of the project. They are responsible for assuring an appropriate level of staffing and monitor the continued progress of the project to make sure the established goals are met and our clients have an exceptional experience.