Virtual Design & Construction / BIM

“…the key to successful collaborations (is) the creation and management of “shared space””.

Serious Play, Michael Schrage

At Clancy & Theys Construction Company, the digital 3D building model becomes the “shared space” where the Owner’s vision, the architect’s design and the contractor’s construction knowledge can be combined and all possibilities considered. Since implementing and promoting a Building Information Modeling process in 2007, we have proven to be a pioneer in advanced construction services.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a process for designing, planning and constructing buildings by using multi-disciplinary performance models of the building, the work processes and the organization of the design and construction team. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a facilitator of VDC and provides a foundation for our VDC services. We use BIM and VDC on our projects from the earliest stages of preconstruction, through cost validation, construction and project turnover, benefiting the project by:

  • Super-charging communication of the project team
  • Providing timely and frequent feedback to the architect during design
  • Identifying and mitigating jobsite issues before commencing construction
  • Controlling project cost
  • Minimizing unforeseen construction delays
  • Providing a safer jobsite