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Women in Construction Week 2022: Challenges of Working in Construction

Challenges for women in the construction industry are plenty, but the drive to overcome them is a testament to our grit and determination, to what makes us so unique. As our celebration of Women in Construction Week continues, our employees open up about some of the obstacles they have faced throughout their careers.


Lisa Snow, Project Engineer: “Being a male-dominated industry, you can be overlooked or not taken seriously at times, especially in the field.”

Felicia Jarvis, Assistant Superintendent: “Port-o-johns are not a woman’s best friend. But on a serious note, it’s very easy to succumb to imposter syndrome, where you feel as if everyone is smarter, better, etc. and you feel pressured to prove yourself and your worth. That’s something I’m still learning to overcome.”

Sara Downing, Business Development Manager: “Most of the time, I am the only female at the table, so I must always be on point. I need to understand the project, process, and have smart questions to ask. I never want to let my guard down.”

Amy Victor, Project Manager: “As a woman, I constantly feel the need to prove myself–but I enjoy that challenge because it is nice to see the respect and recognition you have earned.”

Cynthia Stauffer, Executive Assistant: “Balancing home life and childcare with the needs of work is always challenging given the time demands of our industry.”

Nicole Anderson, Project Manager: “For me, the most challenging part of being a woman in the construction industry is when I had kids, but that challenge is universal to many working moms across multiple industries. I try to balance the time-critical needs of the job against the needs of being a parent. Sometimes either my kids or the project must wait for what they need. The acceptance of that is something I often struggle with, as I would prefer not to let either down.”

Cameron Winseman, Administrative Assistant: “People underestimate you, which gives you the advantage of surprising them and showing them what you are actually capable of.”