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Women in Construction Week 2022: Advice

As the saying goes, “Empowered Women Empower Women.” Today, our Women in Construction Week celebration continues with our Clancy colleagues’ advice to pay it forward and empower other women in the industry or those thinking about entering the industry.


Cynthia Dumire, Payroll Manager Fraud Control Specialist: “Don’t think of yourself as a woman in construction. Know your own worth and capabilities and prove yourself daily.”

Mari Cradit, Project Engineer: “Have a thick skin and be prepared to work hard. Always do your best and ignore those that try to hold you back.”

Becky Carter, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: “Develop a skill set that includes strong communication abilities. Be able to speak with confidence, knowledge, and grace.”

Lisa Snow, Project Engineer: “Do not get discouraged or distracted from working towards where you want to be. Let the negativity roll off your back.”

Sara Downing, Business Development Manager: “Your reputation is everything. Know when you are wrong and when to apologize, know when to stand your ground, and always be professional. Always.”

Skylar Jones, Marketing Associate: “Be yourself. Seriously. There can be pressure to act a certain way to fit in. There are times I feel too feminine, and there are times I feel like I am not feminine enough. Being yourself is so much more important than fitting any expectation, and there’s a real respect that comes with being unafraid to be yourself.”

Jill Stauffer, Corporate Fleet Manager: “Be bold. Don’t be afraid to speak up with your ideas.”

Danielle Goodwin, Marketing Manager: “If an opportunity is not provided to you, seek it out yourself. Better yet, do not expect a seat to be made for you at the table; don’t be afraid to bring a chair and make it yourself.”

Pam Chewning, Office and Accounting Manager: “Put your best foot forward. First impressions really do matter.”

Laura Hughes, Team Leader – Project Management Administrator: “I think the same advice I was given. Speak up, if you have a thought, an idea, something to contribute, do it. Don’t sit there and have regrets later.”

Moeko Christiansen, Project Manager: “Don’t be intimidated and be confident in the value they can provide.”

Cameron Winseman, Administrative Assistant: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask questions. Your coworkers want you to succeed just like you want yourself to succeed.”

Amber Cook, Project Engineer: “Do it. Do it 100% and put in the best effort you have because construction is something that will be around forever. Everything is evolving in the world, and construction goes right along with it.”

Amy Victor, Project Manager: “Don’t be afraid to ask for more responsibility and let upper management know when you feel you are ready for the next level.”

Felicia Jarvis, Assistant Superintendent: “You have to be thick-skinned and pick your battles. Always be willing to learn, and don’t go out of your way to show you know it all. Never turn down a task that seems ‘beneath’ your position. Don’t hesitate to pick up a broom or shovel when needed.”

Katie Huger, Marketing Coordinator: “Be the person you wish you had when you were starting your career. Go out of your way to offer help and be a mentor. Through our experiences, our trials, and our triumphs, we can help others succeed.”

Stacy Rooker, Senior Project Manager: “Don’t be afraid but know what you are talking about.  Being a woman in a historically male industry shouldn’t be intimidating or a free pass. You gain respect by giving it and being knowledgeable.”

Holly McGuire, Office Manager: “Be honest with yourself and with others. Own your strengths and weaknesses and ask for help when you need it. It’s okay to say, ‘I don’t know, but I’ll find out.’ It’s not okay to say, ‘That’s not my job.’ Be a good team member. Communicate openly and frequently, and by all means, do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.”