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Tim Clancy Announces Retirement, New Beginning

Grateful Goodbyes and Exciting New Beginnings for Clancy & Theys

Clancy & Theys Construction Company’s President, veteran construction industry leader David T. “Tim” Clancy, has made the decision to retire from the firm at the end of 2021, after more than 50 years of dedicated service to our clients, colleagues, and communities. Tim’s transformative career with the firm included 36 years as President.

Although he is stepping back from day-to-day responsibilities, Tim will continue to help guide our future by serving on Clancy & Theys’ Board of Directors following his retirement.

Tim’s 51-year career in construction alongside his brother, Joel T. “Tick” Clancy advanced the company far beyond its humble roots. Together, the brothers expanded our company’s footprint to five offices across the Southeast, and grew revenue from $36M in 1986 to $642M in 2021, and turned it into a national leader in advancing the use of technology in the construction industry.

But at its heart, Clancy & Theys remains a family business. 

“It’s been a real privilege working alongside my dad and uncle and having them pass this opportunity on to us,” said Tim. “Over the last 45 years, we’ve been very successful and I’m confident we’ll continue to be. Raleigh has been in the top five growing areas of the country for the last two decades.That’s had a lot to do with our success, and we are fortunate to be planted in a city that’s primed for growth.”

An Employee-First Company

During his time at the helm of the company his father helped to start, Tim has made great strides in building Clancy & Theys into a company their employees are proud to work for. This includes bringing in new voices with different perspectives, and ensuring that they are heard, to create a fully developed team that complements one another.

“As I look towards retirement and the new leadership, I hope they are able to carry on the same ideals and concepts of how we should treat customers and employees that my uncle and dad gave to my brother and myself. Things are going to get bigger, and I am confident the new leadership will run it better than we did. They have new concepts, new ideas that come with youth and I feel very good about the direction the company is headed.”

A Legacy of Service and Stewardship

While Tim’s retirement marks the beginning of a new chapter for Clancy & Theys, it’s also a good time to look back on all that the company has accomplished in the past 50 years.

His leadership enabled Clancy & Theys to develop the capacity to handle many different verticals and projects throughout the cities we serve. During Tim’s time as president, we have enjoyed working on a wide range of projects, including office buildings, hotels, mixed-use/multi-family, life and health sciences facilities, religious and cultural buildings, reconstruction and renovation projects, and warehouse and distribution centers.

Among the many projects we’ve constructed during Tim’s leadership, we’ve helped to build some iconic and neighborhood-changing landmarks in the Triangle and Southeast. Notable projects include:

  • The Nature Research Center, Berry Hill Resort, Smoky Hollow and Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in Raleigh
  • Nags Head Pier and Live Oak Bank on the North Carolina coast
  • Toringdon Office Development and The Presley Apartments in Charlotte
  • Summit Pointe and Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in Virginia 
  • NASA Operations Center in Florida.

In addition to his professional work, Tim has also been an engaged community leader and philanthropist, serving on the boards of the North Carolina Symphony Society, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archeology, Hilltop Home, Wake Ed Partnership and North Carolina Chamber of Commerce to name a few. 

Under Tim’s thoughtful leadership, Clancy & Theys has grown into a beacon of community leadership, development, planning, and stewardship. His legacy will not soon be forgotten – From the Hampton Roads to Cape Canaveral, the company he planted in the City of Oaks has literally helped build the American Southeast into the booming region it is today.

The Future

Following Tim’s retirement, Baker Glasgow, currently Vice President of Construction, will assume the role of President. Tick Clancy will continue to serve as Executive Vice President and will assume the role of Board Chair.

“It’s been a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with and alongside Tim all these years. His foresight led the company to expand and position ourselves to be more competitive and successful in the Triangle and throughout the Southeast,” said Tick Clancy. “As he approaches retirement, Tim will be remembered as a builder, an intelligent businessman and most importantly a brother. I wish him all the best in his retirement.”