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Women in Construction Week: Celebrating Some of Our Most Tenured Staff

As Clancy & Theys continues to celebrate Women in Construction Week, we would like to honor three of our most tenured female employees.

Becky Carter – 40 years of service: “I have been motivated in my forty years of work with Clancy & Theys for so many good reasons.  When I think back to my first day here as a clerk in the summer of 1978, then my work during my college years, and the many years since, I’ve always felt blessed and energized because of our company’s environment.  I work for a company that endeavors to do the best in business practices. My job duties have changed over the years and I am grateful for all of them – the time spent and the experiences have given me deep roots and an understanding of where we came from as a smaller company, and how we got to where we are today. I’ve had a great mentor in Andy Oakley – I could not have asked for anyone better!  I am honored and thankful to the Clancy family for the privilege of working for them and the privileges they have extended to me. I love the Clancy way of how we do business!”

Cynthia Dunmire – 35 years of service: “35 years ago this coming May, I interviewed with Clancy & They’s for a position as the errand person – back when we had to cart plans and specs back and forth – and as an admin for Tick Clancy and Bob Ruffner. I had no idea when I took that position that my life would be forever changed by the people here who have touched my heart and taught me so much.  People like Andy Oakley, Tick Clancy and Becky Carter who recognized my potential and helped me become the person I am today. After working more than half of my life here at C&T, I can proudly say that I work with some of the most wonderful people in the world.”

Cynthia Stauffer – 31 years of service: “I had no idea when Tick and Andy hired me 31 years ago that I would still be working at C&T today. Over the course of those years, I’ve held a variety of roles, and have worked with so many great people. I’ve seen and been a part of the many changes as this company has grown to be what it is today.  But I feel most fortunate to have worked so closely with Tick for most of those years, for whom I have the greatest respect, both personally and in regards to his business ethics.”

Throughout the years, their talents and efforts have contributed to Clancy & Theys’ success.