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Clancy & Theys partners with Happy Tooth Foundation to fight food insecurity

June 21, 2018

Clancy & Theys’ Charlotte office recently partnered with the Happy Tooth Foundation, a non-profit committed to pursuing opportunities for all youth to develop healthy bodies and minds. The foundation works to address the lack of food security that many children face when school is out for the summer.

Studies have shown that children in food insecure homes are more likely to suffer from mental or physical problems, in addition to having more trouble academically. A stable source of food throughout the year helps children focus and succeed in many aspects of life.

Through its “Yes I Can” summer triathlon camp, the Happy Tooth Foundation helps provide food security for children, while also promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Clancy & Theys’ Charlotte team provided snacks and drinks for the campers, who participate daily in swimming, cycling and running activities. Campers also work on reading and math and learn about healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Angela Gillon, an employee in the Clancy & Theys Charlotte office, is an Instructor for the American Red Cross. She volunteered at the camp, teaching the children about camp safety and how to respond to emergencies. Not only did the kids have a great time learning about safety, they were able to play safely at camp thanks to Angela.

Clancy & Theys is proud to work with an organization promoting health and wellness to children from at-risk populations. As always, our goal is to make the communities we help build better, not only through construction, but also through partnerships with initiatives like the Happy Tooth Foundation.