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Laura Keyser on Construction Collaboration: DBEI’s Digital Built Week

Laura Keyser, a BIM/VDC Coordinator at Clancy & Theys, recently traveled to Seattle to give a presentation and moderate a roundtable discussion at Digital Built Week North America.

The roundtable was inspired by a panel discussion led by Laura at BiLT in 2018 and developed into an offshoot session to dive deeper into the topic. Participants discussed coordination between different disciplines in design and construction while focusing on issues regarding modeled content throughout their conversation.

“We were pleased to have representatives from a broad range of disciplines participating in the discussion, which made for an insightful dialogue on ways to improve the coordination process in design and construction through our development of content in building models,” said Laura. “One key takeaway from the session was that trust and communication are as important as any piece of technology that we use, and we shouldn’t let data replace the simple act of talking to one another.

Later, Laura co-delivered a BiLT presentation, “BEP to PEP,” with CSArch’s Volker Husel. During the presentation, she discussed the integration of BIM planning with overall project planning.

“The technical items found in an industry standard BIM Execution Plan are necessary to coordinate the use and define the details for a project’s BIM tools. However, these plans often include information that is applicable to aspects of the project beyond BIM,” explained Laura. “By developing a plan that eliminates those redundancies, we can continue to incorporate the BIM workflow into all stages of a project and increase model collaboration both between and within design and construction teams.”

With next year’s Digital Built Week scheduled for San Diego, Laura is already working on abstract submissions to continue her history of speaking at the event.

You can read Laura’s Speaker Spotlight here.