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Celebrating Women in Construction Week: Interview with Amy Lindley

Each year, the construction industry, guided by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), dedicates the first week of March to honoring and promoting the role of women in the construction industry. This year’s Women in Construction Week theme, ‘Many Paths, One Mission,’ celebrates the different journeys of women in construction and how we can work together to strengthen and amplify the success of women in the industry.

This week, Clancy & Theys joins the celebration by sitting down with five of our very own women in construction. Join us for this five-part series as we dive into their construction journeys, their roles at Clancy & Theys, and their insights about being a woman in this industry.

Meet Amy Lindley, a Marketing and Proposal Specialist with Clancy & Theys’ Wilmington Division. Amy began her career in the industry with Clancy & Theys and has been with our company for more than 16 years.

Growing up, did you know about the different opportunities available in the construction industry? 
No, I did not. My grandfathers worked in the trades, but I never really imagined myself working in construction. Before I arrived at Clancy & Theys, I knew nothing about the construction industry and did not know there were job opportunities related to marketing.

I had no idea that the current job I have even existed! If you worked at a construction company, I thought you had to do hard labor, lift heavy things, and get dirty. I had no idea there were so many departments, including marketing, estimating, and accounting. It never dawned on me that people did anything besides physically building something.

Since you weren’t looking for this career, how did you end up in construction and at Clancy & Theys?
After graduating with my associate’s degree in Business Administration, I was looking for a stable career with good benefits where I could put my skills to work and grow. At the time, Clancy & Theys’ Wilmington Division was looking for a receptionist/administrative assistant, so I decided to take a chance on the opportunity and have never looked back!

When I first started, I was responsible for being the face of the office. I answered the phone and greeted people who were visiting the office. That was at a time before everything was digital, so we had tons of people, including architects, engineers, subcontractors, and clients, coming to the office daily. We even had a mini plan room set up in the front lobby.

My role eventually evolved to helping the project managers with things such as subcontracts, change orders, and drawings. Then, as the industry continued to shift, I began to take on marketing roles, which included helping prepare proposals, resumes, project sheets, and other marketing collateral.

What is your current role, and what does it entail?
I now serve as the Wilmington Division’s Marketing and Proposal Specialist. I am responsible for a wide range of duties, including leading the proposal and presentation process, creating marketing collateral, handling our division’s social media, planning events, ordering branded items (aka company swag), helping with career fairs, and assisting with employee engagement efforts.

What has kept you in the construction industry for nearly two decades?
Overall, it’s very rewarding, and I love what I do. I like being creative and putting together proposals to help our company win projects. I love collaborating with our team to figure out how we can make the best impression and show clients why they should work with us.

My favorite part of my job is the employee engagement portion. I love helping to plan events, build our company culture, and create a positive working environment for all our employees.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the construction industry?
I love seeing our iconic projects all around town, like the Riverfront Park or Cameron Art Museum, and being able to say, “Clancy & Theys built that. I had a part in that.” I can go to a concert with my friends at the park downtown and say, “Hey, you know the company I work for built this.” And that’s not even just true here in Wilmington. It’s fun to travel knowing that we are shaping the skyline in cities throughout the east coast!

What is the best advice you’ve received during your career?
Two things come to mind. First, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We all have to learn. You don’t just know everything from day one, so don’t be scared to ask questions. It’s the only way you can learn and grow.

The second is to view everybody you meet as a new connection, opportunity, or even a potential employee, coworker, or boss. Everyone you meet could lead to new possibilities and open a future door for you.

What advice would you give to a female, or anyone, considering a career in construction?
Be confident and advocate for yourself. There are countless rewarding and great-paying positions within the construction industry. There are so many fields within construction, so be confident, take a chance, and always advocate for more opportunities for yourself.