Raleigh, NC
Bid Opportunities

Durham Public Schools, Glenn Elementary Additions and Renovations, Durham, NC

Clancy & Theys with The Daniele Company, a joint venture, will be performing Construction Management at Risk services for Durham Public Schools’ Glenn Elementary renovation and addition project.  The project includes an extensive renovation of approximately 70,000 SF, an addition of a 42,000 SF two-level classroom wing, an addition of a 4,000 SF media center, and an addition of an 8,600 SF gym.  The project includes relocation of utilities, relocating student and bus drop off, demolition of existing classroom building, and new playgrounds.  Students will be on site during construction based on a traditional school calendar.  Multiple phases will be required.


All Bid Packages are now released for bidding. Bid dates: May 2nd and May 3rd. Bids will be received no later than 3:00 pm in Room M8 at the Staff Development Center at 2107 Hillandale Road in Durham.

Construction start date is anticipated to be December 2023 with a 27 month duration.

Prebid and walk through will be held at the school on April 4, 2023 from 3:00 to 4:30.  Address is still the same.  Attendees must arrive at the school no earlier than 2:45 when bus/car activities are over.  Parking will be available at that time.  Attendees must sign in at school office AFTER 2:15.  Prebid will be held 3:00 to 3:45 with a walk through following the prebid.

Bid Packages:  0210-Bldg Cleaning, 0240-Demo&Abatement, 0300-Turnkey Concrete, 0400-Masonry, 0500-Structural/Misc Steel, 0710-Waterproofing/Sealants, 0740-Metal Panels, 0750-Roofing, 0780-Fireproofing, 0810-Doors/Frames/Hardware, 0840-Alum./Glass, 0920-Drywall, 0930-Tile, 0950-Acoustical Tile, 0960-Resilient &Carpet, 0990-Painting, 1000-Specialties, 1070-Canopies, 1230-Educational Casework, 1140-Food Service Equipment, 1150-Playgrnd Equipment, 1220-Window Treatment, 1410-Elevator, 2100-Fire Protection, 2200-Plumbing, 2300-HVAC, 2600-Electrical, 3100-Turnkey Sitework, 3160-Special Foundations, 3240-Fencing, 3270-Site Concrete, 3290-Landscaping.

Send all inquiries to Jessica Bates (jessicabates@clancytheys.com)


Contact Jessica Bates (Jessicabates@clancytheys.com) to obtain prequalification forms.

WCPSS Felton Grove High School (H-12)

Description: Felton Grove High School (H-12) is new construction of a 400,000 sf high school building, 4-level precast parking deck. 8,400 sf athletic buildings and athletic fields/facilities.  Offsite improvements include widening and signalization on three roads.

Release 3
Release 3 Bid Packages: 0210-Building Cleaning, 0330-Polished Concrete, 0400-Masonry, 0710-Waterproofing/Sealants, 0740-Metal Panels, 0780-Fireproofing, 0810-Doors/Frames/Hardware, 0830-Overhead Doors, 0840-Aluminum/Glass, 0920-Drywall, 0930-Hard Tile, 0940-Terrazzo (alternate), 0950-Acoustical Tile, 0960-Resilient and Carpet, 0970-Wood Flooring, 0990-Painting, 1000-Specialties, 1010-Markerboards/Visual Displays, 1020-Signage, 1050-Lockers, 1070-Prefabricated Canopies, 1140-Food Service Equipment, 1160-Theater and Stage Equipment, 1170-Athletic Equipment, 1220-Window Treatment, 1230-Educational Equipment, 1240-Science Casework, 1260-Auditorium Seating, 1270-Telescoping Bleachers, 1280-Media Center Furnishings, 1330-Grandstands and Bleachers, 3210-Asphalt Paving, 3240-Fencing, 3270-Site Concrete, 3290-Landscaping

Release 2
Release 2 Bid Packages:  0300-Turnkey Concrete (combo 0302 & 0305), 0302-Concrete Buildings, 0305-Poured in Place Fdns- Parking Deck, 0500-Sturctural/Misc Steel, 0750-Roofing, 1410-Elevator, 2100-Fire Protection, 2200-Plumbing, 2300-HVAC, 2310-HVAC Controls, 2600-Electrical, 3160-Special Foundations (combo 3163 & 3166), 3163-Auger Cast Grout Piles, 3166-Ram Aggregate Piers.

Release 1A

Release 1

Clancy & Theys Construction Company is firmly committed to the goals of encouraging and promoting participation for businesses that the State of North Carolina and NCDOT have identified as Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs).


Dix Park Mixed-Use Towers, Raleigh, NC

Bid Date
April 18, 2023

The Dix Park Mixed-Use project consists of (2) high-rise concrete multi-family structures (+$100M each) in Raleigh, NC. The (2) structures will be contracted separately.   Clancy & Theys Construction has already broken ground and site clearing, grading, and utility installations are under contract and construction underway with an anticipated “pad ready” date of June 1st, 2023, for building construction to commence.

Building B is scheduled to begin construction first. The structure is (20) stories tall + roof with ground floor retail and amenity areas. Levels 1-6 are parking garage with an exterior outdoor amenity/pool deck occurring at Level 7 where the tower transitions to residential units through Level 20. The building contains (283) residential units, (4) elevators, and (2) stairwells.

Building A will begin construction approximately (5) months after Bldg. B. The structure is (20) stories tall + roof with ground floor retail and amenity areas. Levels 1-7 are parking garage with an exterior outdoor amenity/pool deck occurring at Level 8 where the tower transitions to residential units through Level 20. The building is wrapped with a wood framed mid-rise on its north and west elevations through Level 7 that bears on both concrete podium and SOG. The building contains (392) residential units, (5) elevators, and (4) stairwells.

Here’s a public link to the bid invitation:  Dix Park – Invitation To Bid Interest Invitation

Our bid date is 4/18/23.