Safety is Our Way of Life

At Clancy & Theys, safety is a core value. We believe it is our responsibility to our employees, coworkers and loved ones to create and maintain accident-free workplaces. Clancy & Theys boasts an award-winning safety program, but we are constantly striving to find innovative ways to increase the safety of our workplaces.

We believe preventing Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) incidents requires partnership and cooperation with all project stakeholders, including OSHA. During the planning stage of each project, we develop a well informed and integrated EH&S team. The responsibility of this team is to clearly communicate our EH&S expectations and standards, eliminate risk through careful planning and comprehensive training, and help our teammates recognize, avoid, abate and prevent hazards.

Our goal is for everyone, on every job, to focus everyday on their own safety and the safety and well-being of others.